Epson Releases Two New Label Printers

Epson Releases Two New Label Printers

Epson Releases Two New Label Printers

Epson Releases Two New Label PrintersAccording to Epson, the two new ColorWorks C4000e color label printers complete the Epson colour label printer lineup and offer flexible, fast and cost-effective in-house labelling solution for businesses of all types and sizes.

With a compact footprint, the ColorWorks C4000e range is perfect for desktop installations in smaller businesses with limited space. Ideal for a range of businesses, from food and beverages, through chemical and pharmaceuticals, to ticketing applications. The printers produce high-quality labels in-house and on-demand, in small-to-medium volumes.

The range comes with a choice of either matte or gloss black ink models, to help ensure users can create crisp, sharp black text and rich images, on whichever media they are using. The matte black ink model delivers a darker black on matte media and a richer image on plain media. The gloss black ink model creates high-quality prints on a wider variety of substrates, with the best results from synthetic to glossy media. The same cyan, magenta, and yellow inks are used with both models.

Designed around Epson’s Precision Core technology, the Epson C4000e Series prints high-resolution, high-quality labels. Color matching functionality (ICC profile and spot colour matching tool) helps deliver impressive, impactful results. Individual pigment ink cartridges ensure the creation of fast-drying, highly detailed labels that are smudge, water and fade resistant.

Featuring a range of easy-to-use features and enhanced connectivity, the C4000e range allows for increased printing flexibility. Integration and connectivity are made easy thanks to SDKs for IOS & Android (provided by Epson) which allow simple and intuitive tablet printing, as well as integration tools which provide a one stop shop for on-demand variable data. Drivers are available for ESC Label, Linux and Mac.

An (optional) Wi-Fi dongle is also available, providing the ability to print from anywhere at any time. Remote configuration, maintenance and monitoring, as well as fleet management is facilitated through a simple web interface.

The printer also features a large (2.7-inch) LCD display panel, making it exceptionally easy to use, as well as an auto-cutter which can be easily replaced by the user, without the need for an engineer visit.

Epson claims it covers everything (including the printhead) as long as the printer is covered under warranty/CoverPlus and within Epson’s fair use policy.

“The C4000e is a significant step forward for two reasons,” said Gavin Thurston, Business Development Manager for ColorWorks, Epson UK. “Firstly, it meets the market need for a desktop installation that can deliver simple and reliably high-quality label printing, and – secondly, it means that Epson now offers an on-demand label printing solution for businesses of all types and sizes.”

The ColorWorks CW-C4000e(Bk) and CW-C4000e(Mk) will be available from Spring 2022.



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