HP to Remanufacture Inks as Part of Bold New Climate Goals

HP to Remanufacture Inks as Part of Bold New Climate Goals

HP to Remanufacture Inks as Part of Bold New Climate Goals

HP to Remanufacture Inks as Part of Bold New Climate GoalsAhead of Earth Day on April 22, HP has announced a range of new targets to achieve a “net-zero carbon, fully regenerative economy,” as it creates “the most sustainable portfolio of products and solutions in the industry.”

The company has announced it will achieve nine specific targets, in part, by implementing supplies renewal services such as its Instant Ink program for printers. Actionable Intelligence says that the word “renewal” can be translated as “remanufactured” with the company planning to launch renewed, reman ink cartridges in Europe. “It is just a pilot program for now, but it could be the start of something big. In advance of Earth Day, HP has announced that Instant Ink customers in Germany will soon be able to choose to receive “renewed”—meaning remanufactured—Instant Ink cartridges.”

One industry veteran in Western Europe told RT Media, “If this program gets legs, it will be a big tick for the validation of the printer cartridge remanufacturing industry.”

According to Patrick Moorhead, a senior contributor at Forbes.com, HP has been a leader when it comes to the environment. He said, “While it’s become a more fashionable P.R. move in recent years for organizations to devise and tout their sustainability programs, HP was doing all of this long before it was cool. For example, a company employee developed a recycling program for HP’s computer punch cards back in 1966. HP implemented its hardware recycling program in 1987. It was also one of the first companies to sign on to the well-known Energy Star efficiency program.”

However, HP has released some of the most aggressive, comprehensive goals in the tech industry which go beyond the Paris Agreement’s targets. The company had detailed nine specific targets along with timeframes:

  • reach net-zero carbon across the HP value chain—defined as its operations, supply chain and customer use of products and services—by 2040
  • carbon neutrality and zero waste mark in HP operations by 2025
  • carbon neutrality in HP’s supplies business by 2030
  • achieve a 50% reduction in value chain greenhouse gas emissions, Scopes 1-3, by 2030 (based upon 2019’s emissions)
  • reach net-zero deforestation
  • counteract deforestation resulting from using any non-HP paper in its products and print services by 2030
  • achieve 75% circularity in materials by weight for its products and packaging by 2030 (regarded by HP as the boldest target)
  • achieve zero waste in HP-managed facilities by 2025
  • reach carbon neutrality in HP’s Customer Support organization, across both HP and partner-run operations.

The company cites it will achieve these goals through a five-pronged approach, including remanufacturing:

  1. it is transitioning its portfolio to print and Compute-as-a-Service models, implementing supplies “renewal” services such as its Instant Ink program for printers and adopting more circular hardware solutions;
  2. it is focusing on increasing its usage of renewable and recycled materials;
  3. it is throwing its considerable weight behind the decarbonization of its supply chain, encouraging the shift towards renewable electricity, surface transportation, alternative fuels and electric vehicles to ship its goods;
  4. it says it is focused on designing products with both existing and new energy-efficient technologies; and
  5. it is investing in forest restoration and stewardship to help mitigate the loss of trees harvested for printing and packaging.



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