G&G Claims Compatible Canon Ink is Good for the Environment

G&G Claims Compatible Canon Ink is Good for the Environment

G&G Claims Compatible Canon Ink is Good for the Environment

G&G Claims Compatible Canon Ink is Good for the EnvironmentThe Aftermarket stepped up to capture more market share from its OEM counterpart with the release of what is called an environmental-friendly printing solution for consumers.

Ninestar’s G&G brand has launched what it calls the Eco-Saver product line which are alternative Canon inkjet cartridges that have a reusable printhead.

“We are all very excited about the Eco-Saver products,” said Ruby Wei, G&G’s Media Specialist. “It’s is a truly environmental-friendly printing solution for users who want to save printing costs in a green way.”

Best Environmental Choice

Wei explained the Eco-Saver products consist of a reusable print head and a multi-pack replacement inkjet cartridge. OEM cartridges or the first generation of compatible cartridges come in built-in, single-use printheads. Every time a cartridge is depleted, the user throws it away.

The Eco-Saver line of ink cartridges features a detachable, reusable and recycled printhead, designed to exhaust the life cycle of the printhead, be greener and save money. G&G claim its Eco-Saver line can save users up to 60 percent on their printing costs.

There are eight Eco-saver ink cartridge models that are now available as replacements for Canon inkcartridges.

What’s the Difference?

Unlike Canon uses black shells for its original tri-color cartridges, G&G raises the bar by using easy-to-recognize pink covers for its Canon-alternative counterparts.

The Ninestar Corporation celebrated its twentieth birthday on June 28, 2020, and claims it is using this anniversary to not only be recognized as the leading firm in the third-party supplies industry but to also be a production leader having invested extensively in the latest technologies to quickly bring to market environmentally friendly products.

Ninestar’s G&G-branded products are well-known around the world for their performance and reliability and environmental benefits.



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