Hermès Inventions Launches New Way on Replenishment of Ink Cartridges

Hermes Inventions is looking for investors on Indiegogo to help bring an ink saving innovation to life.

The Ink Jet Saver aims to save time and money for inkjet printer users around the world.

The problem that has haunted consumers for decades will be solved through this crowdfunding campaign.

The invention will allow a fast, easy and cheap replenishment of ink cartridges. This set is made by non-electronic time-proof plastic and can refill the cartridge in several simple steps. Hermes Inventions expects to sell this device globally, prompting customers to purchase customized bottles of ink as accessories. The patent for this device is pending at present in the UK.

The founder and inventor—Edgard Hermes states, “The inspiration behind creating this project came to me when I noticed that there were too many people frustrated and complaining about high cost ink cartridges. I wanted to find a way to solve this problem and that is when this unit came to mind.”

Compared with previous ink-replenish instruments, this new device can remove unwieldy steps and troublesome splashing of ink for its permanent workstation, and it uses gravity to reduce the pressure during the ink injection so that the problem of ink leakage can be probably avoided when refilling the ink cartridges.

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