Customs Permits Print-Rite’s Cartridges to Enter USA

While many companies have been hit by seizure and forfeiture orders when trying to import infringing printer cartridges into the USA, Print-Rite’s products have been given the big tick of approval by Customs.

According to the company, this may be the first case where remanufactured products have successfully passed US Customs following Notice of Detention by the authorities.

Back in April, 2016, some of Print-Rite’s remanufactured laser toner cartridges, namely, CF350A, CF351A, CF352A, and CF353A came under the scrutiny of Customs who suspected they may infringe the infamous Canon dongle gear GEO (No. 337-TA-918). Print-Rite’s products had not received such scrutiny before. But the products caught the attention of authorities which have been facing an increase in illegal, infringing and fake products that have found their way into this market.

Print-Rite’s attorneys, fully prepared with details of the empties and the remanufacturing process, successfully proved to the U.S. Customs that the aforesaid products are not covered by the 918 GEO, and thus got the products released.

The company believes it is demonstrating adherence to compliance requirements of the empties and legal remanufacturing processes.

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