G&G Explains the Impressive Cartridge Performance in Canon Printers

G&G Explains the Impressive Cartridge Performance in Canon Printers

 Research reveals that 56% of consumers are more trustworthy of hard copy print advertising than other forms of advertising. Today, 3 out of 4 small businesses use a combination of print and online advertising.

Wide-format ink cartridges are widely used in many sectors, including advertising, architecture, and education. Their ability to produce high-quality images and crisp text makes them imperative for graphic- and photo-heavy posters and banners.

According to well-known research group IDC, Canon’s imagePROGRAF T series of printers have nearly 80,000 active units in Western Europe, which is worth over 185 million dollars. This imagePROGRAF T series lineup, including the TM-355, TM-350, TM-340, TM-255, and TM-240, meets the needs of small, medium, and large-size workgroups. They have a fast printing speed of only 25 seconds for A1-sized paper.


G&G researched and developed its own series of wide-format ink cartridges to follow on the heels of the original PFI 120/320 cartridges used in this series of printers. G&G’s premium ink cartridges have proven to perform well in the Canon imagePROGRAF series of printers.

G&G Explains the Impressive Cartridge Performance in Canon Printers

100% Compatible with Original Ink

​After running out of ink cartridges, Canon’s accessory ink box retains 10-30ml of ink to continue printing even if the user is replacing a new cartridge. Previously, this resulted in G&G inks being mixed with the residual Canon ink. To ensure G&G’s ink can be 100% compatible with Canon’s ink, G&G has comprehensively analyzed Canon’s original ink system to develop its unique, high-end Everbrite ink to be fully compatible with it. G&G can guarantee its ink can now print seamlessly, smoothly, and without clogging as well.

High-end Everbrite Ink

The high-end Everbrite ink brand has been used by G&G for use in Canon printers. The Everbrite ink features a fast-drying ink formula to ensure smudge resistance. Its high color density provides clear and sharp text without being faint.

Cutting-edge Technology

G&G’s innovative and patented cartridge systems ensure stable, top-quality printing without ink or air leakage, even in extreme temperatures. Every cartridge undergoes rigorous transport tests and utilizes a self-developed smart chip that displays real-time ink levels.

Top-quality Raw Materials

G&G has collaborated with well-known international raw materials distributors, including Cabot and EVA, for over two decades. This guarantees that G&G’s inks can always be of the highest quality. Therefore, G&G is confident that it can deliver outstanding ink printing performance with a wide color gamut and vivid colors.


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