What’s New about Chinese Printers at RemaxWorld

What’s New about Chinese Printers at RemaxWorld

What’s New about Chinese Printers at RemaxWorld rtmworldAs many visitors noticed, the latest RemaxWorld Expo was upgraded to include a range of niche products including printers, copiers and papers and not just focusing only on printing consumables and components.

What’s New about Chinese Printers at RemaxWorld rtmworldThere has been an explosion of China-made printers in the last 28 months and they captured the spotlight of the 2019 event. A total of 28 national printer companies exhibited new products covering a wide range including blueprint, coding, label, wide-format, 3D printing and copying technologies.

Highlights included:

  • No consumables neededWhat’s New about Chinese Printers at RemaxWorld rtmworld

This machine is seeking to disrupt the traditional engineering blueprint printers, as it doesn’t use consumables. No ink or toner is required. As long as the dedicated water-proof papers are in the tray, it can directly make high quality blueprints or white printing at printing speeds between seven and 30 meters per minute. The company claims it is the first innovative heat-melting printing technology to be adopted in the world. The manufacturers claim the machine has won 68 patents in China and supports various file formats.

  • Coding automatically

Instead of manually assigning coding from one object to another object, Bentsai’s portal coding printer allows users to generate a list of coding automatically within the software. Through the embedded chip, users can uniquely code objects automatically. What’s more, the machine can also maintain its output despite circumstances where changing ink cartridges or recharging is required.

  • Help yourself

Avision from Taiwan exhibited their innovative A4 copy machine at the expo which integrates their advanced scanner technology to enhance efficiency. It is designed to allow users to copy and print in public locations without having to ask for any assistant help. Convenient online payments are included by simply scanning QR codes on the screen. It supports payments via WeChat or Alipay. By installing the App, you can also search for the nearest printer to the consumer’s location, and allows an appointment to be set up for uninterrupted copying of documents and cards without having to wait when you arrive. Printing from mobile devices (phones and tablets) or from a USB is easy.

Suzhou Golden Green Technology Co., Ltd (SGT) also exhibited their self-paper solution for universities on their expo booth. The machine has combined functions including printing, copying, scanning and cloud printing. SGT claims this sharing digital printer can print up to 3,600 papers per hour. Users can make payments through Wechat by scanning the QR code.

Jolimark is also empowering its printers with Cloud printing functionality which enables e-orders and e-invoicing for different industries such e-commerce stores and the catering industry.

  • Systematization and Integration

In its first attempt to integrate UHF RFID technology to portable printers, Puty considered their UHF RFID portable printers (PT-68DC and PT-60DC) to be a breakthrough to the traditional label printer field. The new products are like IoT, featuring systematization and high integration. As it is still niche, the company provides customizable services to customers based on their individual demands.

  • Environmental

According to Elincloud, its EL-1600GC wide format MFP is the world’s first thermal technical drawing printing system. Using their own self-developed new technologies, the MFP addresses major health and environmental issues caused by laser printers. The company is dedicated to creating a pollution-free working environment for offices. The machine supports both blueprint printing and white printing. The MFP can print up to 16 meters per minute, with encryption function.

  • Enhanced data process capabilities

According to Xiamen Kreyoly Office Supplies Co., Ltd (Kreyoly), the Riso ComColor® X1 9150 can provide full and spot color documents at a print speed of 150 pages per minute with a duty cycle of 500,000 prints per month.

The new release comes with increased capabilities to automate workflow from start to finish. Customers can either use the built-in GDI print controller to process most print jobs, or add the Adobe PostScript 3TM controller for graphic-intensive jobs. It also supports on-demand book printing, or can print inserts enclosed in a sealed and addressed envelope.

In addition, Kreyoly  claims its data processing capabilities are very efficient too. This includes: form printing (for combining data to a saved form), header/footer function (for adding page numbers or text), merge function (for combining various saved data into one job) and tray select function (for selecting trays per page).

What’s New about Chinese Printers at RemaxWorld rtmworldMore information about printer OEMs is included in the new Global Industry Directory.


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