More Readers Demand Easy-to-access Content

Recycling Times Media Corporation has had to increase its hard copy print run to meet the increased demand by readers. The English monthly version of Recycling Times magazine took on a new look in April 2013, and with its new “news and views” content continues to become more popular among readers—and with the August edition will boast 22% more of them—mostly in North America, Europe, Australia and Africa.

The digital English version of the magazine was first published in April 2010. Then in May 2012, when many other media services were moving to digital-only versions to save costs, Recycling Times launched its regular, monthly hard copy in response to its readers’ demands.

Today, the digital version of the magazine is sent to 42,574 global industry readers around the world on the first day of every month. The hard copy edition arrives a few days later to 3,000 readers by international express couriers or postal service. Many new readers say they found the magazines displayed at the world’s famous trade events held in Germany, India, USA, Brazil, Russia, Australia and other countries.

“We are very excited about the enthusiasm for our new look, news and views magazine,” says David Gibbons, Director of Recycling Times. “Both advertisers and readers alike have come on board in North America, Europe, Africa and Australasia.
According to the Recycling Times Editorial department, each magazine is packed with more global news stories, shorter news stories, and links to more information online. Together with opinions and views from the most informed industry analysts and leaders, readers have a “one-stop-shop” to all the content they need to make informed decisions about their imaging businesses.

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