Leading Instead of Being Led —9th Summit to Address Hot Print Consumables Industry Issues

The global print consumables industry—worth US$80 billion—has met many unprecedented legal, market and technical challenges in 2015. Thousands of industry professionals are concerned about the ongoing issues and how it will impact the future of their businesses.

Thought leaders have already registered to attend the RT Imaging Summit—Asia 2015 to learn the most critical updates and perspectives from others. Organized by Recycling Times Media Corporation (RT Media), The RT Imaging Summit will be held on the 15th and 16th October at the Zhuhai International Convention & Exhibition Center, Zhuhai, China. This year’s summit will run two half days: Thursday afternoon and Friday morning allowing delegates to attend RemaxWorld Expo 2015 (held 3 days: 15th to 17th October) just meters away at the same venue.

RT Media is pleased to confirm the following speakers and topics for the 9th annual Summit:

Tony Lee, organizer of the RT Summit and RemaxWorld Expo noted, “We are providing early bird discounts for Summit attendees so they can enjoy the juicy, hot global issues, and rare networking opportunities that only come around once a year, for only US$169.”

During 15th-17th October, attendees can also visit RemaxWorld 2015,  the RT Media Global Industry Awards Ceremony & 3D Fashion Show 2015, and the iPrint 3D Expo (Powered by Inside 3D Printing) at the same venue! More Summit information updates will be posted to:

Register in advance to get the early bird discount: .


About  RT Media

Recycling Times Media Corporation (RT Media)  educates, informs and provides networking and business opportunities for the 2D and 3D printing industry. The  RT Media international team comprises talent from Australia, America, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Hong Kong and China.

RT Media is the organizer of RemaxWorld Expo, the world’s largest print consumables trade show event held each year in Zhuhai, China—the world capital of print consumables manufacturing.  RT Media also organizes the RT Imaging Summit & Expo—Americas, RT Imaging Summit & Expo—Europe and World Toner Conference.

RT Media publishes regular inTouchTV News bulletins and monthly editions of the  Recycling Times  magazine for the global industry-separately with Chinese, English, Spanish, Korean and Russian editions.

In the 3D printing area,  RT Media  organizes the world leading professional 3D printing trade shows—Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo—Shanghai and iPrint 3D Expo(Powered by Inside 3D Printing).  RT Media was also the first to publish a monthly Chinese magazine focusing on the 3D printing industry—3D Printing World.

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