ETIRA Warns of Illegal Cartridges

ETIRA Warns of Illegal Cartridges

Javier Martinez, president of the European Toner and Inkjet Remanufacturers Association (ETIRA), raised a critical concern about illegal cartridges in Europe at the recent The Recycler Live conference. These cartridges do not comply with EU regulations and are becoming increasingly prevalent.

ETIRA Warns of Illegal Cartridges

According ETIRA’s research, nearly one-third of printer cartridges sold in Europe are against EU standards. These non-compliant cartridges may be potential threats both to printers, leading to early damage, and to users, given its lack of proper labeling and safety information. Additionally, they contribute significantly to environmental damage, producing approximately 420,000 tons of e-waste in Europe annually.

EU regulations, including CE marking, WEEE, RoHS, and REACH, are designed to ensure consumer security and environmental protection. Therefore, ETIRA recommends customers to purchase remanufactured OEM cartridges that abide by EU regulations, guaranteeing both environmental and legal safety. Choosing remanufactured cartridges can reduce CO2 emissions by 45-60% and consumer costs by up to 60%.

ETIRA is dedicated to reshaping the landscape of the industry by encouraging consumers and businesses to report any non-compliant products to authorities. The association also provides a model letter, available upon email request, for members and public bodies to urge bidders for public tenders to comply with EU laws. By supporting remanufactured cartridges, consumers and companies can contribute to a more sustainable and safe environment for the industry.



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