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Xerox Expands into Romania

Xerox, Romania, Collaboration, Join, Invest,

The Romanian market is becoming an appealing investment opportunity for many US companies.

According to The Diplomat, Xerox are capitalizing on the growing potential of Romania. They are predominantly aiming to increase hardware sales in the Romanian market.

In the first quarter of 2017, Xerox Romania achieved an increase in its sales of multifunction equipment and laser printers.

Gabriel Pantelimon, general manager of the company, explained, “The company’s strategy is to increase sales on the hardware segment,” he continued, “Romania is on the same business trend as Poland, Czech Republic or Hungary. In Central and Eastern Europe, things are evolving pretty much the same in all countries. There are business opportunities for both hardware and software segments, including document management for companies.”

Pantelimon followed on by saying, “We launched 29 new products, both in the A4 laser printer area and in the A3 multifunction product range. These new machines are meant to be workplace assistants and they already come with included technologies such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Design looks a lot better and the touch-screen is like a tablet. They even have a tutorial that guides you through how to use the printer.”

Xerox have already brought many of the products to Romania as they understand that it is a major investment. They will eventually release all of these products on the Romanian market.

“The SME area is the most dynamic, but we also have projects with larger clients,” declared Pantelimon. “The usual business comes from the area of small and medium enterprises and that is the reason why our investments go to that area. Many of the newly-launched products are addressed to these companies. Xerox wants to gain more market share on the SME segment at a global level. Our industry is trying to keep up with the user & primers way of working: digital documents, social media, cloud, etc. Xerox had and has close contact with the customer. We do not invent something and push the clients in that direction. We always adapt our technology to meet customer needs.”


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