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Proposal for Largest 3D Laser Printer in the World

Atlas, General Electric, GE, Revolution, 3D Printing, NewGeneral Electric (GE) have planned to produce the world’s largest 3D laser printer, dubbed the Atlas.

According to PCMag, the ground-breaking printer is designed to generate parts up to one-meter long; it has the ability to create entire engine blocks for automobiles. It uses metal powder to produce these parts ranging from titanium, aluminum and other metals. This represents a leap forward from the traditional plastics, resins and filaments that most 3D printers utilize.

General Electric are aiming to make and deliver sample airplane parts by next year. Mohammad Ehteshami Vice President and General Manager of GE Additive emphasized the potential of the Atlas for aerospace applications, “The machine will 3D print aviation parts suitable for making jet engine structural components and parts for single-aisle aircraft.”

In addition to this, they are also targeting the automotive, power, oil and gas industries.

GE are planning to astound the 3D printing world in November this year by unveiling the Atlas. The current prototype can only print objects up to one meter in two directions, length and width. However, the blueprint for the final version of the Atlas will allow it to print one meter in any direction.

According to GE, the Atlas has been in development for two years with many prototypes being created in this time.


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