Research Reveals Paper Still Has a “Part to Play”

Research on the use of paper shows that even though the amount of paper ordered has declined, it continues to dominate in the work place.

The non-profit Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) reports that half of the organizations it surveyed have cut down paper delivery. Further, according to, two-thirds of business executives say that paperless processes are on the increase. And the greatest paper reductions are seen in records management—being 39% down.

However, the research also found that paper is still leading in daily work processes. About 65% respondents claim they still sign contracts and orders on paper, while 51% say they regularly scan documents.

AIIM discovered that the human factor (accounting for 47%) is one of the major factors for the continuous use of paper, including handling, reading and taking notes. “People like paper as it gives them something physical to hold onto, something they recognize and feel comfortable with.”

The association also noted that there is a lack of senior management initiatives to move away from paper, which accounted for 47% of the responses. “Support for paper free processes must be lead from the top and permeate down through the organization… Senior management may understand the efficiencies and cost savings that paperless can bring, but they seem unable to pass this vision on to employees.”

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