OEM Helps Boost E-learning in India

HP’s new program is setting up digital inclusion and learning labs to help Indians build better life.

The program HP World on Wheels aims to boost digital literacy, education programming, entrepreneurship training and other community services in rural India. It will be carried out in 6,400 Indian villages, benefiting 15 million people in the next six years.

The OEM plans to build 48 well-appointed mobile labs, respectively equipped with 20 seats and HP computing and printing devices such as an HP OfficeJet MFP. The lab also features software suites and e-learning tools. In addition, the energy of each lab comes from 10 solar panels, producing energy 20% higher than its daily demands.

“As we work to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere, we recognize that a big gap remains between those who have access, and those who don’t,” said Nate Hurst, HP Chief Sustainability and Social Impact Officer. “We’re thrilled to take another step forward in helping bridge the divide with HP World on Wheels, bringing quality education, entrepreneurship training, and access to essential services to people right where they are.”

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