EU Passes Right to Repair Directive

EU Passes Right to Repair Directive

EU Passes Right to Repair Directive

Earlier this week, the European Parliament adopted the directive on right to repair, aiming to clarify manufacturers’ obligations and encourage consumers to repair products instead of replacing them. The proposal received 584 votes in favour, 3 against and 14 abstentions.

EU Passes Right to Repair Directive

The directive urges manufacturers to provide timely and affordable repair services for customers’ products. Even after the legal guarantee has expired, manufacturers are still obliged to repair products which are among the list of technically repairable goods under EU law. The list is subjected to extension over time. Consumers may have the right to borrow a device when theirs is being fixed or opt for a refurbished one if theirs is unable to be repaired.

In addition to repair services, manufacturers are also responsible for providing relevant information for customers and revitalize the repair markets. An online platform is scheduled to be established to help customers locate local repair services more easily. Manufacturers will have to provide spare parts and tools at reasonable prices and prohibited from refusing to repair products involved with independent repairers.

Once the directive is formally approved by Council, all member states of EU will have 24 months to enact national laws to implement it. As per part of the rule, member states will need to take at least one measure to promote customers’ right to repair, including distributing vouchers and funds, organizing information campaigns, and supporting community repair services.

“Consumers’ right to repair products will now become a reality. It will be easier and cheaper to repair instead of purchase new, expensive items” commented Rapporteur René Repasi. “The new legislation extends legal guarantees by 12 months when opting for repair, gives better access to spare parts and ensures easier, cheaper and faster repair.”



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