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Laser MFPs Grows Modestly in Australia

Originally published at IDC.

Australian Multi-Function Laser Printers Experienced a Modest Growth in 2018

According to IDC, the overall Australian printer market recorded 1.84 million-unit shipments in 2018, which was 2.2% less than that of 2017. However, the decline has softened when compared to prior years, hinting at a level of stabilisation in the office printer market.

Selling volume for both inkjet and laser devices continued to drop, reported at -1.8% and -3.0% year-over-year (YoY) respectively. However, the shipment of colour laser multi-function products offered a slightly brighter spot in the shrinking market, with an annual growth at 6.8%.

Among the inkjet vendors, HP Inc had strengthened its position by increasing the occupancy rate on entry-level printers. In contrast, Canon lost a portion of market share for photo printing, with consumers shifting towards the use of self-service printing at retail stores.

In the laser market, Brother and HP Inc continued to be the leaders, while Fuji Xerox decided to exit the lower-end A4 printer market due to decreasing demand. Kyocera Document Solutions had narrowed the gap since 2017, gained share in both the A3 and A4 segments.

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