Dubai Realizes Paperless Government

Dubai Government Goes Paperless

Dubai Government Goes Paperless

Dubai Realizes Paperless GovernmentThe crown prince of Dubai announced on Twitter that Dubai has become the world’s first paperless government.

According to, the initiative is expected to save an astonishing 336 million papers, along with 14 million hours of labor, and 1.3 billion Dirham ($350 million), while all government proceedings are moved online.

“This achievement consolidates Dubai’s global position as a pioneer and role model in developing integrated digital services that enhance the customer experience,” said the crown prince.

It is said that 45 government entities have been involved in cutting paper from their duties as part of the Dubai Paperless Strategy. The 45 government entities account for over 1,800 digital services and over 10,500 key transactions.

The vision is to remove the need for paper documents and transactions for all employees or customers of the Dubai government. It is said that Dubai plans to use an app, namely DubaiNow, to connect users to more than 130 “smart” services of the city, such as paying parking fines, applying for residency, or renewing car registrations, all from their mobile phone.

Dubai announced the strategy in 2018, and has successfully realized it in the timeframe and believes it is a landmark move for an increasingly digital world.



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