Parliament to Go Paperless

The corridors of the Indian Parliament, once occupied with huge bundles of annual reports and question papers, is to go paperless.

Following an all-party meeting, the Speaker of the House, Sumitra Mahajan informed all Members of Parliament (MPs) that as soon as the training program is complete, all will have to read the digital versions on their own iPads.

All reports will be uploaded to the Parliamentary website after being tabled at the sessions. “If anyone wants a printed version, they will have the option for some more time,” Mahajan advised.

According to, MPs are entitled to purchase an iPad, to be reimbursed by Parliament. Parliament’s Internet facility will also be upgraded to 4G.

In order to support the new paperless policy, officials from the National Informatics Centre (NIC) have been working overtime to make digitization possible. “Parliament’s website has been redone and all the reports will be uploaded immediately after being tabled in Parliament,” said a source. He added, “Online messaging system will also be made more effective so that paper slips can be completely avoided. MPs will be given unique and simple mail IDs also.”

Sources say the process of digitization has been in hand for some time in order to make services fast and transparent. Even the MP training program, also conducted by the NIC in coordination with the Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and Training, was aimed at introducing members to features of the Lok Sabha parliamentary website and other government websites. In another initiative, experts from the Department of Electronics and Information Technology trained MPs in e-signing and operating digital lockers.

Sources claim that the move towards a paperless Parliament was also pushed by security concerns surrounding bundles of reports piling up in corridors and staircases.


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