Fleetsheet Makes “Paperless Office” Reality

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Turn Your Smart Phone Or Tablet Into A Printer And Go Green!

New app FLEETSHEET© makes the “Paperless Office” a reality. The first-of-its-kind app eliminates paper printing by transferring docs between a computer and smart devices in just one click. FLEETSHEET© (patent pending) is now available on Google Play and coming soon to iOS devices through the App Store. Install the app and watch a video at paperfreeprinting.com.

Conceived by Long Island-based bookkeeper and entrepreneur Christine Reina Hoyt, and developed with Binartech, an innovation leader based in Opole, Poland, the app allows the user to click “print” on any PC and have documents appear instantly on a tablet or smart phone.  Devices just need to be paired on the same Wi-Fi.

With an upgrade, the user can notate on a small screen with a stylus, then save and instantly share.  The app was designed to bring a paper-free and virtual travelling office ever closer.

“Working on dual monitors or split screens is annoying to many people,” said Hoyt. “Sometimes you just need to see things on paper.  But, it’s so wasteful – you can’t help but think of the environment. I figured there had to be a better way to compare documents or retrieve information than constantly printing everything out.”

Possible uses of FLEETSHEET© run the gamut. A professor sends a paper to students’ tablets during a lecture so they can take notes right on their devices to save for future reference.  A supervisor in charge of inventory forwards an audit to a smart phone and updates it on the screen while inspecting warehouse shelves, leaving clipboard and paper behind. A lawyer en route to court shoots a notated brief to an assistant back in the office who returns it updated and ready to present to the judge. A home cook forwards a recipe to a tablet in the kitchen and avoids a food-spattered paper that ends up in the trash when done.

FLEETSHEET© is a free app with in-app purchases of unlimited printing at $6.99 per month and an upgrade to premium at $9.99 per month to annotate, save and share. It is a product of EHCH142 LLC.

Hoyt is based in Sag Harbor, NY, where she identifies opportunities to streamline office procedures coupled with emerging technologies.


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