Disney Animator Portrays G&G Penguin in Short Film

Former Disney Animator Takes a Deep Dive into G&G Penguin World

Former Disney Animator Takes a Deep Dive into G&G Penguin World

Animator Lily Dell reveals how she created a set of fresh penguin mascots to invigorate G&G’s well-known brand. Dell, who has worked on Disney sequels for The Lion King, Cinderella, Jungle Book, Brother Bear, and Lilo & Stitch, has created a short film for the G&G brand.

“Sharing the story of Emperor Penguin, Greg, and Grace has been a lot of fun,” Dell says. She reveals her perceptions on designing the G&G penguin mascots:

Former Disney Animator Takes a Deep Dive into G&G Penguin World

To what extent have you enjoyed creating these characters and stories?

This has been a delightful experience! I am so pleased and proud to work with the G&G team to create these stories. Their enthusiasm, sense of responsibility and delight inspires me.

Why do you think G&G chose penguins to be the characters for telling the stories?

Everyone loves penguins. They are cute and attractive and lend themselves well to animation. They are loyal. They also symbolize our need to care for the environment.

I reflected on some of the key attributes of penguins. The G&G team advised me that they chose a penguin as a mascot almost 20 years for eight key characteristics. These include their loyalty, intelligence, friendliness, eye for detail, and as a symbol of the environment.

How does an animator develop the characters they draw? Could you describe the characteristics of each of the G&G penguins?

The challenge I face is to bring these key attributes of penguins into the characters I develop on screen.

How was I going to respect the heritage of those 20 years while creating something entertaining? I needed to convey the energy, the passion, and the will to thrive at G&G.

So, I have bundled these key penguin attributes into each of the three penguins featured in my short film. I started by drawing each character wearing different things, in a range of poses, expressing different actions and emotions.


Each penguin had to be unique:

Former Disney Animator Takes a Deep Dive into G&G Penguin World

  • Emperor Penguin: Emperor penguin is all-knowing, all-wise, calm, mature, generous and compassionate.

Former Disney Animator Takes a Deep Dive into G&G Penguin World

  • Grace: Grace knows what she wants. She is self-assured and perhaps a little bossy. She is also very sweet and romantic.

Former Disney Animator Takes a Deep Dive into G&G Penguin World

  • Greg: Greg wears his heart on his sleeve. He adores Grace and will do anything to make her happy. He is active and capable, but sometimes gets muddled by the changing world of technology.

Shortly, G&G will reveal responses from Lily Dell to questions put to her about the animation process and the G&G penguin characters she has developed.


Will there be more?

G&G’s leaders adopted the emperor penguin as the symbol of the G&G brand back in 2004 and have continued to use penguins in their promotional and packaging artwork. After visiting Antarctica, they noted the similarity of the struggle of these flightless and intelligent birds to what the imaging supplies industry was experiencing. Caring for penguins has also become an industry’s role in caring for the environment too.

Following the success of the first short film “Holiday Photos”, Lily Dell is developing a new story, “Gone Fishing” for release in mid 2023. Emperor penguin, Greg, and Grace will return to share another adventure. Click here to learn more about G&G’s penguin mascots.

Do you have a creative idea for an upcoming episode featuring Emperor penguin, Greg, and Grace? Maybe you too can have the opportunity to see your own story come to life in a G&G animation with the help of the magical touch of a former Disney animator!

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