G&G Awarded 2012 Purchaser Favorite Brand

G&G was awarded 2012 Purchaser Favorite Brand in the China Government Procurement Summit.

With a theme of Honors and Dreams, the 2012 China Government Procurement Summit was held in Changsha Hunan by China Government Procurement News. Officers from Ministry of Finance, Central Government Offices, regional government procurement offices and representatives of enterprises gathered in Changsha and discussed the success and trends of government procurement in depth after the China Government Procurement Act was issued 10 years ago. G&G was invited to the summit and was awarded 2012 Purchaser Favorite Brand.

“Nothing’s better than the words of mouth, the 2012 Purchaser Favorite Award encourages us greatly. We appreciate this honor and will continuously provide quality products and services to meet the customer needs” said Ms. Ren Jingqian, Assist General Manager of G&G domestic sales company.

Since the year 2010, G&G has been ranked the 1st in government procurement successively, and till now, G&G has successfully won the bids of over 20 provincial government procurements of Tianjin, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Anhui and etc. G&G is now the domestic brand that wins the most government procurements.

By calculating the real supply volume, G&G printer consumable is now ranked the 3rd in world’s printer consumables supplier behind HP and Canon. To ensure healthy printing, G&G pays close attention to the 5 factors of production – raw material, sorting, technology, structure and test, and passes RoHS, CE, EMC, TUV and China Environmental Labeling certificates. It strictly controls harmful substances and reduces environment damage to the largest extent.

In order to better serve the government procurement, G&G has established a special Government Procurement Department to analyze government needs and provide case to case services and best printing solutions.

“G&G’s fast growth effectively meets the needs of government users, especially after its launch of Business User Products in China. There are large rooms for their development; we will keep our eyes on it.” said one of the government procurement officer.

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