Delacamp Wins Prestigious Quality Printing Contest

Delacamp Wins Prestigious Quality Printing Contest

Delacamp Wins Prestigious Quality Printing Contest

Delacamp Wins Prestigious Quality Printing ContestFive winners of the open Quality Printing Contest in Russia have been identified with German-based Delacamp announced as having the best toner for remanufacturing Kyocera TK-3190 cartridges/toner kits.

Its UT19F5A quality toner also fulfils European regulations including ROHS and REACH/CLP, which is an important advantage.

Thirty-six Russian and seventeen international brands entered the contest which was searching for the best compatible cartridges and toners for refilling Kyocera printers and MFPs.

“We are very proud to have won the competition within the Best Toners for Remanufacturing Kyocera Cartridges category,” said Volker Kappius (pictured), CEO at Delacamp. “We’d like to thank the information agency “Business-Inform” and the Russian Association AQCMS for declaring our UT19F5A quality toner as the best toner to use in the remanufacturing of the Kyocera TK-3190 cartridges and toner kits.”

Delacamp Wins Prestigious Quality Printing ContestAccording to Susanne Dannehl (pictured), Sales Manager of Delacamp, the company has been offering toners for use in Kyocera for more than 20 years. “Recently, the toner production line has undergone a major revision. It has been updated and the capacity has been increased in order to secure the stable quality of the quality for the award-winning low emission toners for use in Kyocera,” she said.

“We are pleased our corporate philosophy in terms of quality has paid off once again,” Dannehl added. “We remain committed to being the leading supplier of quality toner, OPCs and other components for the genuine remanufacturing/repair industry for laser printer cartridges in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

According to the test results conducted during the first and the second stages of the contest by Information Agency “Business-Inform” and the Russian Association AQCMS, the winners are:

All information related to the winners in each of the contest segments is included in a report that is available publicly, “The Best Solutions in the Field of Office Printing (2021)” from the Information Agency “Business-Inform”.

Delacamp AG is a well-regarded, independent supplier of components and consumables to the genuine printer cartridge remanufacturing industry.

It was founded in 1879 as a trading company specializing in the trade between Japan and Germany. Since 1960 the company was one of the leading suppliers of uninked fabrics for the production of typewriter ribbons.

Nowadays Delacamp specializes in the distribution of components for laser printer cartridges in addition to components and spare parts for copier machines.



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