Pantum Printers Favored by China’s Government Procurement

Domestic printer brand was favored by China’s Government Procurement, registering 33% of the total printers purchased in 2015.

According to, China’s Government Procurement has purchased a total of 22,701 printers and 1,901 copiers in 2015, with revenues of RMB42.696 million (approximately US$ 6.55 million) and RMB31.070 million (approximately US$4.77 million) respectively.

Among the winning printers from 8 listed brands, 7,425 sets of the China brand Pantum were purchased by the government, making Pantum the No.1 printer brand in the procurement last year. All the purchased Pantum printers were low-end monochrome laser printers or all-in-one printers. Other listed brands included Fuji Xerox, Samsung, Kyocera, Lenovo, Ricoh, HP and OKI. HP and OKI. Detailed information is as follows:

The news source also predicted that the competition in the printer segment of the China Government Procurement will grow tenser in future. The government will consider the cost in a printer life cycle, the cost of the equipment, as well as that of supplies and device maintenance when they make purchase plans.



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