Printer Reseller Sued

In addition to the $12,000 in lawyer fees for the six and half year court battle, Massachusetts reseller Doug Costello finds he may still be liable for another $30,000 in damages.

This all started in 2009, when Costello sold a used Brother laser printer, as well as a fax and a scanner on for about $40 to Gersh Zavodnik. The “prolific, abusive litigant”, Zavodnik, sued Costello, accusing him of falsely advertising a malfunctioning printer with missing parts.

Within five years, the lawsuit had been bouncing from court to court, with no results. After that, a Judge finally ruled a $30,044 breach of contract judgment in Zavodnik‘s favor. Costello appealed the ruling which was swiftly dismissed.

According to, the legal quagmire is not over. A hearing will be held sometime this year to determine whether the case should be dismissed.

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