Chipjet Upgrads PT Station

Chipjet Upgrads PT Station

Chipjet Upgrads PT Station

For inkjet printer users, ink cartridge is a necessary consumable. Among all kinds of cartridges, the cost-effective and environmental friendly remanufactured ink cartridges stand out in the consumable market. However, to test the performance of reman cartridges is a complex procedure, and it is inefficient to test it in printers. A cartridge test machine that is easy to use and accepts various cartridge models is in high demand.

Under this circumstance, Chipjet launched two upgraded smart cartridge test machines — PT Station and PT Station SE which support cartridges of different brands, models and generations.

The main functions are cartridge installation test, circuit test, model recognition, and printhead test.

Chipjet claims that PT Station can print test pages,which makes it easy to understand the condition of target cartridges.

Advantages of PT Station

  1. Able to print test pages. Synchronous update of test results;
  2. Compared with testing in printers, testing speed increases by 7 times, and testing efficiency increases by 10 times;
  3. Displaying test results with various methods.

Advantages of PT Station SE

  1. High efficiency, high speed. It takes less than one second to test an ink cartridge;
  2. Automatic update of test results;
  3. Small and portable, cost-effective, simple structure.

“The two smart cartridge test machines are developed on the basis of Chipjet’s years of experience in the consumables market. The all-in-one devices allow you to know the performance cartridges of different models in seconds, saving your time and costs and improving test efficiency,” said the spokesman of Chipjet.



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