Chipjet Offers Solution to Reset Printer Region

Chipjet Offers Solution to Reset Printer Region

Chipjet Offers Solution to Reset Printer RegionFollowing its tips on how to change Samsung printers’ region, China-based Chipjet offers a solution to reset printer region on MFPs or printers with only buttons (no touch screen).

  • Input “#1934” and then press the Menu button.
  • Choose “Tech Menu” and “Service Functions” successively.
  • Choose “Clear All Memory” to enter the “Select Country” page.
  • Choose the targeted country and press “OK”.
  • Restart the printer to use.

“It should be noticed that after resetting the region, you could only use the cartridges that are specially designed for this region. Moreover, some printers will lock a region permanently after you resetting three times. Therefore, we advise you not to reset the region frequently in order to avoid any inconvenience,” said the spokesman of Chipjet.

When you buy a printer from another country, you may encounter the problem that your current ink or toner cartridges cannot be used on this printer. For example, a printer bought in America will not accept printer cartridges designed for the United Kingdom. This is because printer manufacturers will group each of the world’s countries into “regions”. So a printer from one of those regions will only work with cartridges from that same region. The first time you use a printer, it is automatically set to use only the printer cartridges manufactured for your specific country or region. So, if you’re trying to use a cartridge that you bought in one country with a printer bought from another country, you’ll probably get one of the following error messages:

  • Incompatible Cartridges
  • Cartridge not intended for this printer
  • Incorrect Cartridges.

About Chipjet

Chipjet has been dedicated to printing consumables chip for over a decade with own chip’s test platform of autonomous intellectual property rights. Now Chipjet’s product range covers multiple fields like Inkjet, LaserJet and copier. Chipjet will satisfy market demands proactively and provide replacement chips with stronger anti-upgrade ability for consumers based on technological advantage and R & D strength.



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