Epson Shows Confidence in Ink-Jet Printer Business

Seiko Epson’s President, Minoru Usui said he was confident for the 2D printing business, particularly the inkjet printing business, though many other OEMs are busy introducing 3D printers.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Usui opined that there is a highly limited 3D printing market for Epson, as 3D printers now on the market lack precision and efficiency, and operate with too limited a range of materials for commercial use. Epson will focus on new applications of its mainstay business—inkjet printers—to bring back growth after a painful restructuring.

“Big corporations may be reluctant to switch, but the new inkjet printers could be adequate for many small- and medium-size firms.” said Tetsuya Wadaki, an analyst at Nomura Securities. “Even though such companies are just a part of the market, it is a huge business opportunity for Epson,” added Mr. Wadaki .

It is noted that the sales to home users, the main market for inkjet technology for a long time, have been decaying for years, but Epson gained momentum in sales of inkjet printers to businesses, which now depend on laser printers from competitors such as HP, Canon and Xerox. Also, Epson has established a new line this year competing with laser printers in speed and print quality, with lower running costs and less waste.

“The important thing is the core technology, not the device,” Mr. Usui commented. “If we could make refrigerators with inkjet technology, we probably would.”

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