C-RT Celebrates and Honors Reman Day for 2024

C-RT Celebrates and Honors Reman Day for 2024

C-RT organized an internal activity to celebrate this year’s Reman Day and honor those who had made significant contributions to the industry, marking the seventh year of the event since 2018.

CRT Celebrates and Honors Reman Day for 2024Falling on the second Thursday of April, Global Reman Day aims to raise public awareness of the concept, influence and importance of remanufacturing. On this day, remanufacturers would register their own events and workforce initiatives, drawing more attention to their crucial roles in a more sustainable world.

“Remanufacturing emphasizes the process of preserving the original products and processing them for re-usage, which is different from the concept of recycling,” David Gibbons, Director of Communication at C-RT explained at the event. Based in Australia now, Gibbons joined the celebration online. “In the printing industry, recycling means crushing the cartridges and make new ones from the pieces, while remanufacturing retains the original old cartridges and cleans them for second use. In the long run, remanufacturing will bring more benefits to the industry than recycling does.”

CRT Celebrates and Honors Reman Day for 2024Since its establishment, C-RT has been addressing the significance of remanufacturing and devoting itself to this honorable cause, which can be reflected in its veritable name: Recycling Times. Throughout years, C-RT keeps cooperating with a considerable number of remanufacturers and displaying their remarkable breakthroughs. In celebration of this year’s Reman Day, C-RT ordered a customized cake, symbolizing the greener world we enjoy thanks to the unwavering effort of these remanufacturers.

CRT Celebrates and Honors Reman Day for 2024As we celebrate Reman Day, let us pay tribute to the remanufacturers in the industry who play a crucial role in preserving the planet for future generations. Together, we can build a more resilient and resource-efficient world for future decades to come.



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