T Supports Reman Day

RT Supports Reman Day

RT Supports Reman Day

To address the importance and influence of remanufacturing, RT staff celebrated this year’s International Reman Day with some Chinese remanufacturers at its newly finished RT building.

Global Reman Day, which fell on April 8, 2021, is a day to advance the global remanufacturing industry through remanufacturer-hosted events and workforce development initiatives.

“As the industry media, we chose to show leadership by celebrating Reman Day with local remanufacturers here in Zhuhai. It’s a good opportunity to recall the origins of our industry in this part of the world 40 years ago this year,” said David Gibbons, Director of Communication at RT.

Each participant at this year’s event shared their individual and corporate reasons for keep remanufacturing as an important part of their business model. Click and watch the video below to find out why they continue to remanufacture.

To commemorate International RemanDay, RT dedicated the April issue of ImagingWorld magazine to remanufacturing. The magazine which features GM technology’s Zoltan Matayas on the front cover is also available online.

“I have been in this industry for 30 years. I have seen huge changes take place within the industry. Yes, there are challenges, I believe there will also be new opportunities ahead. There is never an excuse not to remanufacture,” Gibbons added.

To add some flavour to the celebration, a cake decorated with Reman Day logo was served to the delegates.

Click to watch more about the Reman Day celebration.

Benjamin Young (pictured left)—General Manager of Dinglong Image Division and cofounder and General Manager of Speed Infotech Company Limited—supported Reman Day. Young was in Shanghai and could not attend the RT Reman Day function. He said, “Green is a solicitous topic for the whole planet and is an indispensable part of the printing imaging industry. Speed Infotech, which is part of the DingLong Group, has invested in the remanufactured inkjet industry for more than 20 years. We believe remanufacturing requires a continuous investment and is a commitment and responsibility the company and cofounders make to win the trust of the market. Speed will stay true to our dream, being the world’s leading inkjet remanufacturer through its advanced printing technologies.”

As an industry media and show organizer, RT has celebrated Reman Day since 2019. Last year, RT staff celebrated Reman Day in quarantine with each staff reporting on their own research of companies involved in remanufacturing in different fields around the world.



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