Agreement Reached Between Lexmark and Dismissed Workers

Sacked employees, who have been “camped out” at the front of Lexmark’s Mexican plant in South Juárez since October, have packed up and moved on.

International attention was focused on the employees who were stood down after asking for a 35-cent per day raise.

Júarez attorney Susana Prieto Terrazas, who represents the 56 displaced workers said Lexmark International had settled with them after agreeing to a series of undisclosed terms. The workers claimed they were not very satisfied with what they got, but the fight had become unbearable.

Prieto Terrazas said the displaced workers wanted their jobs back and the right to form a union. After months of fighting, the employees backed-off the union idea and instead formed their own non-profit organization.The organization Obrer@s Maquiler@s de Ciudad Juárez, A.C., which has been in the works for almost two months, will aim to bring a voice of all the factory workers who want better working conditions and some benefits for single parents, such as free daycare for their children.

“Lexmark has reached agreement with its former employees,” Jerry Grasso, spokesman for Lexmark International, said in a written statement. No further comment was made.

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