Ownership Change in UK Office Supply Group

While celebrating its 30th anniversary, London’s Anglo Office Group will see a new ownership structure.

Anglo, a well known office supplies and services provider, has announced that founder of Performance 1st (P1) Gary Naphtali will succeed Glenn Doyle as new Co-founder and Managing Director, effective May 1. According to TonerNews, Gary has been working with Anglo and Glenn for the last four years.

Glenn expressed his wishes to offer ongoing support in his new role as Chairman of the business, saying, “I am delighted to be able to announce the new ownership structure. I am also pleased that I shall be very much a support mechanism for the team to enable them to reach their stated goal of £20million (US $28.3 million) by 2020.”

Other management changes include: Steven Newland as Commercial and Operations Director, Nick Jones as Finance Director.

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