Anti-counterfeiting Measures Developed with Inkjet Printing

Anti-counterfeiting Measures Developed with Inkjet Printing

Scientists in South Korea have found a new method to protect against counterfeits, using inkjet printing technologies.

As reported by, the new optical encrypted technology is called self-assembled photonic crystals (SAPCs). It is invisible in daylight on a white background. However, it can be read using strong light like a flashlight on a smartphone, or against a dark background. The new technology was developed at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) and the Korean Institute of Machinery and Materials.

According to the team, SAPCs can be made using low-cost commercially available RGB (red, green and blue) printers. They show a diverse, colored effect when viewed from different angles.

In their Nature Scientific reports, the team writes: “The structural colorations designed by inkjet printers would not only produce optical holograms for the simple authentication of many items and products but also enable a high-secure anti-counterfeit technique.”

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