Print-Rite Introduces Aftermarket Chip for OKI C831/841

Print-Rite Technology Development Co., Ltd. of Zhuhai (Print-Rite) recently rolled out new aftermarket chips for OKI C831/841 laser in domestic market. The company claims it is the first company to introduce an aftermarket solution for the chips of this series.

As was revealed, OKI C831/841 laser printer incorporates technology upgrading of OEM chips. Print-Rite said the new aftermarket chip features automatic generation of serial codes, never repeating, which overcomes the difficulty of algorithm. So they can completely eliminate the serial code risk. In addition to more stable performance with comprehensive and stringent programming, Print-Rite noted the chips are able to respond flexibly to product upgrade, due to the independent development of RF ASIC & MCU resolution.

Detailed product information is shown as follows:

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