Print-Rite Bio-Toner Granted Certification

Print-Rite Bio-Toner Granted Certification

Print-Rite Bio-Toner Granted Certification

Print-Rite Bio-Toner Granted CertificationPrint-Rite bio-based toner cartridge has been granted the TUV AUSTRIA OK biobased certification. The company claims that it is the first toner cartridge to obtain such a certification.

The TUV AUSTRIA OK biobased rating is based upon the volume of raw materials that are obtained from bio-based sources material during the manufacturing process.

Print-Rite assures customers that all Print-Rite Bio-based Toner cartridges meet TUV OK biobased standards and are in compliance with the relevant regulations on product safety.

“Tenderers and customers can take full advantage of Print-Rite bio-based products in government tenders and green procurement with internationally recognized certifications,” said the spokesman of Print-Rite.

Print-Rite firstly launched its Pelikan branded bio-based toner cartridge in April, 2020, claiming it is compliant with environmental standards in Europe and North America.

In order to meet customers’ needs for sustainable procurement, Print-Rite developed bio-based toner cartridges in December 2021, helping to reduce their carbon footprint as well as lower the CO2 impact on the environment.

Print-Rite claimed that its bio-based toner cartridges are made from reusable bio plastics with a bio-based toner made of organic materials. “Consisting of more than 20% bio-based content, the bio-based toner cartridge is certified by TÜV Austria. Proved to be able to lower CO2 footprint, Print-Rite bio-based toner cartridges will be an environmentally friendly solution without sacrificing print performance,” said the spokesman of Print-Rite.



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