Ink Cartridges Seized By U.S. Customs

Seven months ago, three companies’ products were seized by U.S Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (US Customs) for the violation of 337-TA-565 general exclusion order (GEO). Recently, another company hit by a new seizure and forfeiture order for violating the same GEO.

According to the copied document dated on December 18, 2015, the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) has reviewed the evidence provided by the US Customs and determined a Florida-based company, named GMC Online Trading LLC, has violated 337-TA-565 GEO by importing certain ink cartridges. In the seizure and forfeiture order, USITC prohibits the company from importing ink cartridges and components into the U.S. and the Customs will enforce the order if the company attempts to import the aforesaid products.

In December 2010, Ninestar Tech. Co., Ltd. (in California and New Jersey unitedly) filed a complaint against Epson America Inc., Epson Portland Inc. and Seiko Epson Corporation, claiming the respondents violated its U.S. patent Nos.5,156,472; 5,158,377; 5,221,148; 5,488,401; 5,615,957; 5,622,439; 6,502,917; 6,550,902; 6,955,422; 7,008,053 and 7,011,397. In April 2012, USITC officially issued 337-TA-565 GEO based on this case.


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