Australia Raises Tariff on Foreign Paper

Australian government will impose so-called “dumping duties” on paper exported from four countries, including China and Indonesia.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the decision to impose the protectionist tariff was based on the reports from the Anti-Dumping Commission.

The commission has found that the Australian paper industry has experienced loss of sales, price suppression, reduced profits and revenue from A4 copy paper as a result of the dumped paper. It stated that exported paper from Brazil, China, Indonesia and Thailand was dumped with margins of up to 45.1 per cent.

“The government is concerned about any situation in which Australian businesses are damaged by unfair dumping into the Australian market,” Craig Laundy, Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, said.

The decision was celebrated at the local paper industry, for they believe the tariff can help save jobs for the local plants.

Affected parties have 30 days appeal to the anti-dumping review panel after the publication of this new law.


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