OEM Establishes New App Center

Samsung has opened a new website for the users of an Android-based open ecosystem in the U.S.

According to wirthconsulting.org, the global leading OEM has officially launched a new website named the Printing App Center. The website provides Samsung Smart UX Center users with familiar smartphone/tablet MFP functionality. Users of the new website can download multiple printing applications for MFP customization.

The Printing App Center 2.0 contains an easy way to integrate recommended Smart UX apps into a catalog for business clients. A communication platform has also been built up for dealers, app developers and end users of Samsung. A page allowing app developers to check the status of their apps in the V&V testing process was included as well.

At present, the new app center has taken in 37 apps, including MFP Support Remote Call, Send Anywhere for Printer, Remote Fax, and Dynamic Workflow, etc.

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