3D Technology To Transform Plastic Waste

A German institute has developed new use of empty soda bottles, thanks to 3D technology.

According to gizmodo.com, Hasso Plattner Institute in Germany has invented a software called TrussFab that could transform plastic bottles into useful building material.

The software can automatically convert 3D models and designs into structures of pop bottles. Besides, the software can calculate the quantity of empty soda bottles for building a real object, along with working out how many stresses and loads that the object can bear. For example, TrussFab has figured out that a soda bottle chair can support a 180-pound human being.

The objects produced by the TrussFab software are joined by customized plastic connectors. Those connectors can be produced on a desktop 3D printer. Every connector has unique features, making it easier to follow the instruction for assembly.

At present, the TrussFab software has not entered the market.

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