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Another Respondent Applauds ITC Canon Decision

LD Products, one of the respondents named by Canon in an infringement case before the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) has also been quick to respond to the “win” that has been handed down to them.

Other respondents including Ninestar, Static Control and Aster have also responded.

On May 20, the ITC handed a “loss” to Canon having determined there was no infringement violation of Section 337 of the Tariff Act and terminated the investigation. This means the Commission affirmed the earlier decision in March made by Administrative Law Judge Dee Lord whose initial determination granting the respondents’ respective motions for summary determination of noninfringement.

Aaron Leon LD Products rtmworldWhen asked why it might have been necessary for the ITC to go back and reconsider the earlier decision against Canon, Aaron Leon (pictured), Founding CEO of LD Products told RT Media, “My opinion is that they entertained the appeal as part of normal US due process.” He added, “You can appeal for years in most court cases and it is normal.” He went on to say that this was an important first loss for an imaging company in the ITC and he couldn’t just let it stand without a review.

“Having the reviewed was stressful for us, but having us win the appeal pretty much puts the nail in the coffin on Canon’s overreach and misuse of the patent system,” Leon said.  “The patent system is a fair way to reward people for new and novel inventions, but Canon’s continuation patents were a perversion of what was intended and just plain wrong.”

Christian Pepper LD Products rtmworldLD Products’ Christian Pepper (pictured left) commented that this latest result will provide a lot of confidence to LD Products’ current and potential customers. “This was not a fluke. If readers refer back to a video interview I gave a year ago to RT Media at the beginning of this case, we were very sure of our position and predicted this outcome. We and our partners can build legitimate New alternatives to OEM products that do not infringe their Patents. We also have the financial and legal wherewithal to defend ourselves successfully. Our customers have the right to choose OEM alternatives and this decision ensures that they continue to have this choice.”


Pepper has also given an interview about this latest ITC decision. Watch:

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