Cartridge Video Impresses Xerox After Going Viral

The producer of a video about quality remanufactured cartridges has received a proposal from Xerox, after his short film went viral in India.

Harish Lalwani from the Mumbai-based Instafill cartridge remanufacturing store told RT Media he cannot believe the attention his animated video is getting.

This week, the head of International Distribution Operation, Supplies, Paper for Xerox India Limited contacted Lalwani to work out how they could co-operate more closely with printing and supplies.

“It’s all because of the video,” Lalawani explains to RT Media. “Xerox saw the article about Instafill in your magazine and on the website.”

Lalwani says, “The animated film explains the benefits of Aftermarket remanufactured cartridges in a fun way. It explains how remanufacturers can promise high quality prints, better yields as well as being environmentally more responsible.”

RT Media
has been given the rights to put the video onto YouTube and its own social media channels to help share the great message of the film. Go to to watch the film.

Insta was the first company in India to use the “kiosk” model for remanufacturing. It was also to receive STMC standards compliance. Customers can drop of their cartridges to be remanufactured and can watch the process from behind a glass screen (see picture).

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