HP Gets More Serious About 3D Printing

Following recent acquisitions, HP expects to build a united end-to-end 3D ecosystem, integrating everything from 3D scanning to imaging, and 3D printing.

HP wants to use the innovative 3D hardware and software assets of two German-based companies, namely David Vision Systems and David 3D Solutions. The acquisition of these companies will help the OEM evolve Sprout and advance their presence in the Immersive Computing, 3D printing and 3D scanning markets

Louis Kim, Global Head & General Manager of Immersive Computing at HP, explained, “Adding the David companies’ technology and capability strengthens our ability to create the world’s only end-to-end 3D ecosystem, from creation, to 3D on-ramp, to 3D print off-ramp via HP’s Jet Fusion Solution. The acquisition adds a robust, stable and production-ready solution, along with a rich software development platform to HP’s portfolio of technologies.”

As reported by Tonernews, the current 3D scanning market is worth US$7 billion. Less than two months ago, HP created a lot of buzz by unveiling the HP Jet Fusion 3D Printer—up to ten times faster than competing machines and capable of cutting down production costs by up to 50 percent.

Further, HP has begun working with French chemical specialist Arkema to increase the range of industrial 3D printing materials. Then, just a two weeks ago HP revealed plans to invest €60 million (US$66 million) a year into a 3D printing R&D center in Spain.



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