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Static Control Releases Statement Regarding ITC Decision

Static Control has released a statement regarding ITC’s recent decision on May 20, 2019 that affirmed Judge Lord’s ruling that Static Control’s products did not infringe the asserted Canon patents.

As the aftermarket leader in respecting intellectual property, Static Control claims it has always been aware of the importance of understanding the scope of what is and, more importantly, what is not covered by other’s intellectual property.

“Our continued investment in both engineering and legal resources helps us continue to offer our customers the most IP-savvy products available.”

“Static Control will continue to defend the aftermarket and remain vigorous in our defense of designs which do not infringe valid claims of OEM patents. We will continue to offer customers a safe alternative to the OEM on the dongle gear cartridges.”

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  1. David Gibbons
    David Gibbons says:

    I know that this decision comes as a confirmation to the Static Control people that they can continue to provide non-infringing products as they have always intended.


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