Canon Loses USITC Support

Late on May 20, it was revealed Canon has lost its petition to have the U.S. InternationalTrade Commission (ITC) review its earlier decision over its revised dongle gear patents.

Previously, Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Dee Lord determined a number of companies including the Ninestar and Aster groups as well as LD Products, among others, had not infringed Canon’s patents.

On March 25, Canon then petitioned the ITC to review this initial determination asking the ITC to overturn ALJ Dee Lord’s determination and to open the case for further proceedings.

Ninestar told RT Media, they mounted a fierce defense as always. The ITC record shows that on August 30, 2018, the ALJ held a Markman hearing (i.e., a hearing to determine the scope of Canon’s asserted patents). The hearing transcript obtained from the ITC’s online docket shows that two attorneys representing Ninestar and Static argued the case for all respondents only.

“We are very pleased that the ITC confirmed that Ninestar does not infringe Canon’s patents,” said Jason Wang, General Manager of Ninestar Image Tech Limited. “Ninestar takes great pride in developing innovative cutting-edge products, protected by Ninestar’s own intellectual property,” Jason added.

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