Xerox Corporation Says Cease and Desist

Confidential sources have advised RT Media Xerox is sending out cease and desist letters concerning alleged trade mark infringement.

Aftermarket new compatible cartridges for use in the Xerox Phaser C7800 that have been sourced by Xerox have apparently been found to have a chip installed that delivers a trade mark infringing message to the display panel. The message for the end user reads “A Xerox:emoji: toner cartridge has been installed”.  Such a message is unauthorized and false and constitutes digital reproductions of Xerox’s registered Marks in violation of federal trademark laws.

At this time it seems that Xerox has filed no lawsuits, however the Cease and Desist letters contain conditions that need to be met by the respondent quickly. The conditions include,
•Immediate action to cease further selling and distribution of infringing products.
• Confirmation of destruction of all infringing products
• Disclose to Xerox the supplier source of the cartridges and chips in question.
•Provide to Xerox audited details of all sales and revenues associated with the infringing products, and full details of all other third party distribution of the infringing products.

The Xerox Phaser C7800 cartridges are specific to geographic areas with cartridge yields of 24K for the Black 106R01569 and 6K for CMY 106R01563-5, 17.2K for CMY 106R01566-8 for regions NA/W.EU.For regions of SA/E.EU 24K for the Black is 106R01573 and 6K for CMY  106R01624-6, 17.2K for CMY 106R01570-2.For Asia/Aus 24K Black 106R01577 and 6K CMY 106R01624-6,17.2K 106R01574-6.

In October 2013 , HP addressed the industry at the RemaxAsia Expo in Zhuhai China organized by RT Media, with a presentation to complain that the aftermarket was using replacement chips that displayed a message stating “Genuine HP:emoji: cartridge installed”. HP gave the industry until 31st December 2013 to remedy the situation and comply with the trademark laws. The aftermarket responded quickly.

Xerox Corporation has every right to protect its assets.  Aftermarket companies selling these cartridges should check to ensure compliance to trademark laws.

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