Toner Conference Specialist Reveals Opportunities

Wuhan, China, 9 April—2015 The shipment of PCs globally may be on the decrease, but the number of printers being placed in the Asia Pacific region is growing.

So says Maggie Tan (pictured), Program Director of Imaging Printing and Document Solution Group at IDC Asia, who spoke to more than 150 attendees at the relaunched 31-year-old World Toner Conference in Wuhan China today. According to Tan, governments in China, India and Malaysia continue to drive the demand for printers and toner supplies.

“The advent of mobile devices like iPads and mobile smartphones has had a dramatic impact on desktop devices like PCs, but our research at IDC shows the number of printers has increased,” she said. She also said that IDC predicts that the Asia Pacific print consumables market will continue to grow and is expected to become larger than the North American market by 2017.

Maggie Tan travelled from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to participate at the relaunched World Toner Conference, along with other presenters from the UK, USA, Japan, and South Korea. She can be contacted at IDC by email at <>

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