Remanufacturers Claim HP is Up to Foul Play

Recycling Times Media has received emails today claiming HP’s recent printer firmware update has locked them out. They claim consumers are not able to exercise choice in using Aftermarket ink cartridges in their printers.

“This is an act of piracy,” writes one remanufacturer. “HP has launched or activated a new firmware designed to stop the use of aftermarket cartridges.”

Affected printers allegedly display a message when Aftermarket cartridges are being used, including: “one or more cartridges are missing or damaged” or “ink system failure.” Apparently this firmware upgrade was built into the printers as a clocked AUTO upgrade and cannot be stopped or overridden by turning off the Auto upgrade.

“HP is damaging customers’ property and it should be brought to account for their actions!” is the cry from another remanufacturer.

In another email, the writer asks, “I would especially like to hear HP’s comments regarding the ‘destruction’ of people’s property (that was already functioning perfectly before) and what recompense it is considering.”

Recycling Times Media has been advised the firmware upgrade affects HP 934, 935, 950, 951, 970 and 971 ink cartridges.

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