Aftermarket Continues to Bite into the OEM Share of India rtmworld

Aftermarket Continues to Bite into the OEM Share of India

Aftermarket Continues to Bite into the OEM Share of India

Aftermarket Continues to Bite into the OEM Share of India rtmworldAccording to the 1Q2016 results from IDC, the hardcopy peripherals market in India fell 2.2 percent, with 795,451 printers being shipped during the quarter. The market was “primarily driven” by laser printers and copiers, which saw a “remarkable sequential growth” of 15.9 percent.

The laser copier segment saw a huge growth of 31.5 percent, with the first quarter in India “traditionally” strong for copiers, Copier growth was attributed to “strong enterprise buying” as well as “demand from the government segment.”

The market leader was Ricoh leading with a 19.5 percent market share, followed by Konica Minolta, which had seen growth in the quarter of 24.9 percent, overtaking Kyocera in third.

Given the above information, I did more research on photocopiers in India as most of the desktop printing aftermarket in India had ignored this segment which still has a massive window of growth compared to printers.

Canon established their India software development center in 1999, followed by a center of excellence in 2004 and a design center in 2008; Xerox established its India R&D center in 2009; Ricoh established its India R&D center in 2012. The objective of each organization is to develop products suitable for emerging markets. This shows that OEMs are focusing on developing their photocopier business for many years.

In India, photocopiers are ubiquitous. They are a source of income to thousands of young unskilled people for whom setting up a copier shop is the best way of generating income.

And let’s not ignore the massive market of used/refurbished photocopiers that is very huge in India. Despite the Indian government banning these machines, they are still being imported and are very much available, eating into a significant market share of the OEMs as well as the Aftermarket.

It is quite timely that this year’s RemaxWorld Expo will see a new copier consumables zone which will get a massive response from visitors as well as exhibitors being the first time an Aftermarket trade show is giving such attention to this sector.

See you in Zhuhai for the RemaxWorld Expo.

Dhruv Mahajan is RT Imaging World’s Regional Partner for India. Based in New Delhi, he has been an international business development manager responsible for the past eleven years developing the aftermarket imaging supplies business throughout the Gulf and South-east Asia regions.

Mahajan is also the International Business Development Manager at Fast Image Products Co—a member of the Huiwei Group—responsible for developing business on aftermarket imaging supplies across the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) and SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation).

“I know all the key players in this market and I know they are looking for components as well as finished goods for laser, inkjet, copier, wide-format as well as new printer options. There are many medium-sized businesses I know that are also looking to expand their businesses and I am confident of providing support to them all.”

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