Russian Aftermarket Opportunity Guarantees Success

The market for copier machines supplies has changed in 2016, in Russia. The economic decline and financial crisis has brought about a rapid growth of Aftermarket copier machines between 2015 and 2016.

In my opinion, now a great opportunity for Aftermarket now exists in this field. As a result of the tougher financial climate, many Russian end-users of copiers, who used to only buy genuine supplies, have started to use cheaper compatible supplies. And they’re having a good experience!

As a result, the number of end-users interested in Aftermarket solutions has increased dramatically in 2015-2016.

According to research conducted by “Business-Inform” in 2016, the Russian Aftermarket for copier machines will increase up to 18%. But if the Aftermarket dealers run 2 to 3 advertising campaigns showing Aftermarket solutions can provide end-users good value for money, the Russian Aftermarket could grow by 25%.

The Russian copier machines Aftermarket has a great opportunity for development. The only reason that could slow its growth is a lack of information about the technical and economic benefits of Aftermarket solutions for Russian end-users. That’s why I have reason to believe that advertising campaigns targeting end-users will be very successful.

It’s entirely up to the level of  Aftermarket dealers’ activity in the media environment.

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