Printing From Your Mobile Phone Berto rtmworld cartoon

Printing From Your Mobile Phone -Berto finds a way

Printing From Your Mobile Phone -Berto finds a way

Mobile printing is the process of sending data to a printer wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet.

There are two main approaches to mobile printing. One involves direct communication between a mobile device and a printer. The other approach involves communication between a mobile device and a computer connected to a printer.

It is essentially a very simple process, but Berto found a way for someone to get confused:

According to Docutrend Imaging Solutions, mobile printing really is a simple concept. It’s basically the ability to send a print job with one’s mobile device. A mobile device could be a smartphone, tablet computer, or a lightweight laptop computer. In some cases, the print job takes place right away. In other cases, the job must be released at the printer or multifunction device.

Benefit #1: enhanced productivity; Mobile printing solutions enable workers to print in a wide variety of locations, as no PC work station is needed: in any building of their work campus, in a train station, or at an industry conference, with little trouble.

Benefit #2: better customer service: giving your customers and clients the ability to print from their mobile device, especially when paper is a key component of business processes, can be a real benefit when they visit your business.

Benefit #3: potential for cost savings: Organizations can opt for a low-cost (or even free) mobile printing solution that reduces the need for printers on site.

Benefit #4: enhanced flexibility: If you’re equipped for mobile printing, you know you can print at a moment’s notice. As such, you don’t necessarily need to print out documents “just in case.”

Berto #07: September 5, 2013, Printing From Your Mobile Phone -Berto finds a way

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