Paper Planes and Printing - Berto makes a suggestion

Paper Planes and Printing – Berto makes a suggestion

Paper Planes and Printing – Berto makes a suggestion

Paper Planes and Printing - Berto makes a suggestion


In any office environment, it’s not uncommon for employees to come up with suggestions and ideas to improve processes, increase productivity, or enhance workplace culture. However, some of these ideas may not always be taken seriously, for various reasons.

This month, Berto has had some fun at the expense of those who do not take staff suggestions easily. The paper plane floating out of the printer will certainly never be taken seriously. Nor will any suggestions on the paper be taken seriously either.

There are many reasons why office suggestions might not receive the attention they deserve:

  1. Lack of open communication: In workplaces where communication is limited or top-down, employees may feel hesitant to share their suggestions. When suggestions are not encouraged or welcomed, employees may feel their ideas won’t be taken seriously, leading to a reluctance to share them.
  2. Resistance to change: Offices can sometimes develop a culture resistant to change, especially if they have been following the same procedures for an extended period. Suggesting something new might be met with scepticism or dismissed simply because it deviates from the established norm.
  3. Hierarchy and status quo: If the suggestion comes from an entry-level employee or someone without much influence, it might not be given the attention it deserves. Ideas from higher-ranking or more experienced individuals often carry more weight, regardless of their actual merit.
  4. Lack of proper evaluation: Sometimes, office suggestions are not taken seriously because they are not thoroughly evaluated. If management fails to properly assess the potential benefits of the proposal, it may be brushed aside without due consideration.
  5. Fear of failure: Employees might be hesitant to suggest ideas if there is a fear of failure or negative repercussions. This fear can stifle creativity and prevent valuable ideas from being brought to the table.
  6. Budget constraints: Even if an idea has merit, if it requires significant financial investment, it might not be taken seriously due to budgetary limitations.
  7. Time constraints: In fast-paced work environments, there might not be sufficient time to thoroughly explore and implement every suggestion, leading to some ideas being put on the back burner indefinitely.
  8. Lack of alignment with company goals: If an idea does not align with the company’s current objectives or long-term strategy, it might not be considered a priority.

Despite these challenges, fostering a culture of open communication, encouraging idea-sharing, and implementing a structured feedback system can help address the issue. By actively listening to employees and valuing their contributions, companies can create an environment where all suggestions are taken seriously and contribute to continuous improvement and growth.

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